About Us

We are a company dedicated to providing the best logistics service consolidating national and international cargo. In addition, we offer courier services, customs agency in Costa Rica, import and export, domestic and international transportation of air, sea and land cargo.

We guarantee personalized service, time and competitive prices in all the international transport, customs and storage needs that our clients need. We have cargo agents around the world that make it easier for us to provide the best service. Our staff has more than 10 years of experience in international logistics.


To be recognized as the best national alternative in international transport logistics, courier, customs and storage for all import and export processes. This, offering the best costs and the best logistics service.


To be the most reliable, agile and efficient company at the level of cargo transport services, courier, customs agency, fiscal warehouse, advisory and consultancy, offering competitive prices and a solution for your business.


As a result of time we have given ourselves the task of making alliances with different agents and organizations, we are linked to global networks with more than 10,500 members, more than 950 offices in 168 countries around the world, to guarantee transport solutions efficiently and economy, we are members of:


Certificate of good record and management of your account within the DCS program by the shipping companies, Crowley, Great White Fleet, King Ocean, Seaboard Marine.


By using our MLC Logistics services, you will be helping social welfare organizations and institutions such as SOS Children’s Villages is an NGO which provides affective and protective environments to almost 350 children and adolescents who have lost family care or are at risk of ensure that this happens, ensuring, whenever possible, that they reintegrate into their families and communities.